“Tell him that the Torah is coming in. She knows that I went against her and against Mora and that I played dumb. And she enters from her and knows that I went against her ”. Yesterday Wednesday night, after santi del moro announced the new nominees for the house of “Big Brother”, Coti and the Rabbit they talked about “the repechage”.

The couple, who until now have been the best strategists in the house, began to speculate about whether someone new or one of the previous participants would enter and it is at that moment that Coti she is sincere and says to her boyfriend: It scares me to know that people are going to enter again and that new people are going to enter ”, to which the Cordovan responds: And, that will happen”.

big brother rabbit
The most strategic couple of Big Brother

What happens is that the Correntina fears that Lucilla expose it at home and say that it was Coti who played against Blackberry and her. “She can go against you. She can invent anything here. And you said no, that it is information to harm you ”, said her boyfriend to reassure her, although without success.

In recent days, the blonde had crying episodes and with the addition of the playoffs, she looks very anxious because she is very aware that not only is the game played inside, but also outside.

When does Big Brother end?
The one who sees everything

And as the host of the program says “Big Brother sees everything”. But let’s not forget that those who are outside, too. In this second round, will La Tora be able to beat Coti? He will have to wait, meanwhile, uncertainty grows among the little brothers.

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