Silvina Escudero opened in her Instagram Stories the possibility of sending her questions. In this way, she received a comment from a follower who was the trigger for the story of what happened to the dancer today.

“If I tell my friends about today in the Panamericana, no one believes me,” wrote the user in the box that the model had made available. And she later detailed what happened.

Silvina Escudero

“Thank you, you saved me. A genius,” he began writing Silvina Escudero on Instagram Story. And he continued: “I’m telling you, this plastic came off my car while I was driving on the highway. He warned me, we braked on the shoulder, he jumped under the car to try to repair it. Not being able to, since the screws were missing, he recommended me where to go to fix it and then he went. So a cool bad. Thank you”.

In this way then, the dancer thanked her follower who helped her in the Panamericana and also helped her solve the problem.

The health of Silvina Escudero is concerned
Silvina Escudero.

Silvina Escudero exploded against the consortium of the private neighborhood where she lives

Silvina Escudero was recorded in several instagram stories where she was seen outraged by some reforms and maintenance that the consortium of her private neighborhood is carrying out on the pool deck. Furthermore, she reminded her followers of the amount of money she pays in expenses. The reason for her anger? she can’t sunbathe because of the works.

Before starting the series of videos, the model published a text in her stories stating that “you can’t even be in the little space left in the solarium or use the pool” while the work is being done on the deck. And that was not all, because she also told that received a notice for committing a violation when using the pool.

Silvina Escudero

In that batch of videos that he uploaded in his stories, Escudero mentioned that the expenses he pays month by month are around $100,000 pesos and stated that this amount “is a fortune so that the deck is not done. They started doing it today, in full season”. And, taking into account these hot days, the real reason for her anger is that the workers work while the model and her family sunbathed.

“But now I got a fine which, of course, I reject,” he continued. Silvina Escudero and pointed against the managers who made the decision to carry out maintenance in the middle of the season. “There are people who don’t give it, they don’t think. So, I completely reject this” closed the last story of his account.

To put her followers in context, the dancer showed part of the works that take place in the pool. “I gave up taking my 20 sun a day. Impossible” she closed while she pointed to the construction in the pool and stated that there is a “smell of burning metal that the workers burn” in the place.

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