Guest of the program “Chez Jordan” on C8, Véronique Jannot returned to her fight against the disease. Suffering from cancer of the cervix, the singer and actress had to face questions from journalists who made her particularly uncomfortable. “They took the baby machine away from me“, she explained. “No, but that was terrible, it didn’t take my mind, it took my heart“, she continued, explaining that she was constantly asked why she was not a mom. “So when it’s stupid people who say: ‘She does not become a mother because she is afraid of damaging her body. People don’t realize that we’re just human and that saying things like that is just inhuman!“, she lamented.

Now cured, Véronique Jannot explains that all of this is now behind her. “I’m not in remission, I’m in recovery“, she explained with a smile to Christophe Daniel as part of the Micro Mirror program from Melody TV! “After 10 years, it’s no longer a remission, it’s a cure. And, for me, now cancer is another life! I don’t feel concerned about it at all.“, she specified.

Véronique Jannot still close to her ex Laurent Voulzy

If she cut her teeth as an actress, Véronique Jannot also tried her hand at singing. And in particular during a famous duet with Laurent Voulzy whose life she shared. The singer also confided recently that his former companion would like to put the cover back. “She’s been telling me about it for years!confided the interpreter of Pomegranate Heart to our colleagues from France Sunday last spring. Before explaining: we still haven’t made it since our song Desire, Desire, but we never know. It is not yet a project but a desire. Maybe we will… Why not?


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