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the canadian singer Forest Blakk, 26known for the song “Love Me” (2015), recalled his troubled childhood in a recent magazine interview People🇧🇷 He claimed that his father even “sold” him for 10 grams of cocaine.

“I moved about ten times a year. My father was a gangster. I saw him pulling a gun on people when I was little. I saw someone trying to murder him outside our house. He was shot a few times, but he survived. My father ‘sold’ me for ten grams of cocaine to my stepfather,” he said.

The artist recalls that he moved in with his grandmother when he turned 15. “She welcomed me home and it was the first moment I could breathe. She was my first experience of hope,” he vented during the conversation.

He says it was in his grandmother’s basement that he found an “emotional outlet in the strings of a guitar”. It was there that the singer wrote the song “I Hope You Know”, alongside Steven Solomon, David Hodges, Drew –Kennedy – the song is now part of his new EP “Every Little Detail”.

“I wrote this song to say I really hope you know that every day I’m out here doing something, every time I hit a chord, every time I make an album or an EP, or go out and play for the audience. I really am thinking of you,” says Blakk about his tribute to his grandmother.

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