Qatar Football World Cup 24 November 2022 - Schedule and commentators Rai Sport - Rai 4KAll 64 matches of the 2022 World Cup will be broadcast live and exclusively on Rai TV channels. In detail, 37 will be broadcast on Rai 1, 19 on Rai 2 and 8 on Rai Sport HD. In particular, all the matches that will be played in prime time in the group stage and all the knockout matches, from the round of 16 to the final, will be broadcast on Rai 1. Rai 2 and Rai Sport HD will instead host part of the matches in the first phase with the choice of transmission on Rai Sport HD for matches that will be played at the same time.

The training of Rai SportThe TV report of the entire World Cup will be entrusted to Rai Sport commentators, commentators, presenters and correspondents, all coordinated by Donatella Scarnati, team leader of the Rai 2022 World Cup. In detail, the commentators will be Stefano Bizzotto, Luca De Capitani, Dario DiGennaro And Albert Remedyin the company of Lele Adani, Antonio DiGennaro, Claudio Marchisio And Sebino Nela. Four, however, the envoys: Alexander Antinelli, Marco Lollobrigida, Simon Rolandi And Jacopo Volpi. They will have the task of enriching the story of the matches, of unearthing curiosities, of bringing the public home “inside” a World Cup which, in addition to being played for the first time in winter, is played in a country which, by culture and traditions, is in some ways still to be discovered.

The World Cup ClubAfter the successful experience of the Tokyo Olympic Games, they will return every evening, after the 8.00 pm match, Alessandra DeStefano, Sara Simeoni And Yuri Chechior the trio of “The World Cup Club”, football spin-off of “The Circle of the Rings”, which last year amused and entertained viewers at the end of each Olympic day. Also in this circumstance the format of the transmission provides for a mix between the technical analysis, typical of each post match, the space for commentary but also entertainment, with alternating guests, VIPs and non-VIPs, to discuss football, but also culture, music, cinema and much more.

Why, as he says Jose Mourinho“those who only know about football know nothing about football”.

The entire World Cup minute by minuteFrom the opening match Qatar-Ecuador, Sunday 20 November, up to the final on Sunday 18 December, Rai Radio1 and Radio 1 Sport will report the entire Qatar 2022 World Cup in detail.

The entire World Cup minute by minute it will be a great sports offer, completely free. The 64 matches will be broadcast live thanks to a team of 8 radio commentators and the technical commentary of Fulvio Collovati, Beppe Dossena, Massimo Orlando, Sebino Nela And Katia Serra both on Radio 1 Sport, the digital thematic broadcaster, and on Rai Radio1. In addition, from Monday to Friday, after the triple whistle of the last match of the day, from 22.05 to 23.00, will be broadcast Torcida Mundial, which will repeat this summer’s successful Torcida Radio 1 programme. At the microphone, the editor-in-chief of the sports editorial staff Philip Corsini And Guido Ardone. For the musical part there will be Max De Tomassi. Inside: the presentation of the challenges, formations, curiosities, tactical analysis, interviews with the protagonists, historical precedents, expert comments, listener questions and insights into the hottest topics. Furthermore, during the entire sporting event, incursions into the other programs are planned, in addition to the services in the sports pages of the main editions of the Gr.

A digital World Cup – The football World Cup will enjoy maximum visibility on RaiPlay which, in addition to hosting live matches, will also have a section dedicated to on demand, in which the highlights of the match and interviews will find space immediately after the conclusion. Each match will then be available, from the final whistle to the conclusion of the World Cup, also in full form and on demand, for those who have not had the opportunity to follow it live, for insiders but also, simply, for those who cannot bear the idea of ​​missing even a minute of the most important football event of the year.

The reasons for cheeringWe know, there isn’t a particular reason to become a fan of this or that team, and it applies, above all, to club teams. Because each of us obviously has the Azzurri in our hearts. However, when, unfortunately, it happens that Italy is not at the World Cup, you have to necessarily find a national team to follow more warmly. And to do so, we will offer you a special tool: “Ten reasons for…”, or the reasons that will make you prefer France to Spain, Germany to England or Argentina to Brazil. And if in the end, perhaps, you choose to cheer for Hakimi’s Morocco or Davies’ Canada, that’s fine too…

Once upon a time on the 10thThere is an element, in the variegated iconography of football, which symbolizes it more than any other: it is the number 10. Those who wear it, or have carried it on their shoulders, have often, almost always, passed through history through the front door. For this reason, just starting from number 10, RaiPlay will create an original program that will lead the web audience to the Qatari World Cup through past World Cups. A project that will develop into the creation of ten clips lasting 3 minutes each, made entirely with archive images present within the Teche Rai. Each clip will be made up of ten episodes – in fact – linked to the history of the world championships: in short, it will be a sort of Top Ten of the events that more than others marked the tournament (the ten goals, the ten saves, the ten most curious, etc…). A product that will be published exclusively on RaiPlay.

The Rai News World CupFor each of the 29 days during which the 2022 World Cup will unfold, Rai viewers, tuning into Digital Terrestrial channel 48 of Rai News24or by connecting to the site, will have the opportunity to find the HL of the matches, the interviews, the exclusive content of an offer that has never been so rich in terms of the World Cup. Not only that: every day, in traditional appointments with Sports24scheduled at 12.30 and 19.30, a space of fifteen minutes will be dedicated exclusively to the World Cup, with images, interviews and reports from Qatar, enriched by live connections with the Rai Sport studio set up inside the IBC in Doha , the International Broadcasting Center which, between 20 November and 18 December, will be the planetary citadel of information in a football key.


10.45 am – RAIDUE HD: [disponibile su Rai 4K can 101 DTT – 210 Tivùsat]
Football: 2022 World Cup – Group G Matchday 1 | Switzerland vs Cameroon (live)
from Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah [Qatar]
commentary: Luca De Capitani – Comment: Sebino Nela
Study from Doha [Qatar]: Marco Lollobrigida

1.45 pm – RAIDUE HD: [disponibile su Rai 4K can 101 DTT – 210 Tivùsat]
Football: 2022 World Cup – Matchday 1 Group H | Uruguay vs South Korea (live)
from Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah [Qatar]
commentary: Dario DiGennaro – Comment: Andrea Stramaccioni
Study from Doha [Qatar]: Simona Rolandi and Daniele Adani

4.40 pm – RAIDUE HD: [disponibile su Rai 4K can 101 DTT – 210 Tivùsat]
Football: 2022 World Cup – Matchday 1 Group H | Portugal vs Ghana (live)
from Stadium 974 in Doha [Qatar]
commentary: Albert Remedy – Comment: Antonio DiGennaro
Study from Doha [Qatar]: Marco Lollobrigida and Claudio Marchisio

7.45 pm – RAIUNO HD: [disponibile su Rai 4K can 101 DTT – 210 Tivùsat]
Football: 2022 World Cup – Group G Matchday 1 | Brazil vs Serbia (live)
from Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail [Qatar]
commentary: Stefano Bizzotto – Comment: Daniel Adani
Links and interviews: Stephen Rized
Study from Doha [Qatar]: Alessandro Antinelli and Claudio Marchisio

10.00 pm – RAIUNO HD: [disponibile su Rai 4K can 101 DTT – 210 Tivùsat]
Heading: The Club of the World Championships (live)
from the TV3 studio – Milan
In the studio: Alessandra De Stefano, Sara Simeoni, Jury Chechi, Diego Antonelli
The Circolo dei Mondiali recounts the event in Qatar using football as a global lens to interpret contemporary society. Sport, information and entertainment come together for a new story of these very particular world championships, played for the first time in autumn. At the table with the presenter also the fixed cast made up of Sara Simeoni, Jury Chechi and Diego Antonelli. In each episode there is also a great surprise guest, the protagonist of the discussions and “challenges” in the studio. From 11.00 pm the program continues exclusively on RaiPlay.

11.00 pm – RAIUNO HD: [disponibile su Rai 4K can 101 DTT – 210 Tivùsat]
Category: Bobo TV – Special Qatar
With: Christian Vieri, Antonio Cassano, Daniele Adani, Nicola Ventola
Deployed in a typical formation – Vieri, Adani, Cassano and Ventola – Bobo TV tells the World Cup in its own way: no longer only on Twitch but also on Rai1 and RaiPlay through 22 pills of approximately 4 minutes, broadcast at the end of the matches scheduled on Rai channels, including the final. A direct Italy/Qatar line dedicated to football entertainment.

Qatar Football World Cup 24 November 2022 - Schedule and commentators Rai Sport - Rai 4KAll matches of soccer world cup 2022 they will also be broadcast in very high definition, i.e. in 4K, with a novelty. Not only via satellite, through the channel 210 of TivùSatbut also in hybrid mode, HbbTV, which can be received from Smart TVs connected to the Internet (with at least HbbTV version 2.0.1 active and Tune into channel 101 DTT – direct start – or tune into any Rai channel by activating the Rai TV+ application, “TV Channels” section, active within the RAI A multiplex. One additional technological effortthat of Rai, to guarantee viewers the best possible use of a planetary event such as the football World Cup.

RAI 4K schedule (can. 101 DTT – 210 Tivùsat) of 24 November 2022

  • 06:00 Rai 4K programming
  • 10:45 am Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022: Switzerland vs Cameroon (live)
  • 13:00 News: TG2 Giorno
  • 1.30 pm News: TG2 Costume e Società
  • 1.45 pm Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022: Uruguay vs South Korea (live)
  • 4.10 pm Section: Parliament news
  • 4.15 pm News: TG2 LIS
  • 4.18 pm Heading: Weather 2
  • 4.20 pm News: TG2
  • 4.40 pm Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022: Portugal vs Ghana (live)
  • 19:00 Telefilm: Hawaii Five-0
  • 19:45 Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022: Brazil vs Serbia (live)
  • 10.00 pm Heading: The Club of the World Championships (live)
  • 11.00 pm Feature: BoboTV – Special Qatar
  • 11.05 pm Rai 4K programming

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