Após or term of noivado com Brenda Paixãoor ex-power couple matheus sampaio We’ve been trying to win back the ex’s heart. Nessa fourth fair (11/23), the model showed her new tattoo on her Instagram: Brenda’s face.

“Life is made up of moments, moments that are eternalized in our hearts, they are like cycles that can end or not, but love, or love, the gratitude of a man never fades or ends, our successes only materialize because we exist You made mistakes, are you trying to correct me here because I have never burned them?”, he declared.

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“I don’t want to turn off anything, I would like to come back soon, because I don’t have time, then the time that I’ll be here and I’ll take you with me. Through two mistakes that we change for the better and learn, sometimes we manage to keep everything sozinho and sometimes with someone who is next to us showing us the way! Just to let you know that my love is carved in me, only the time will tell, let it be brief, I confess, God belongs to our history, but to gratitude, the love and affection will be eternal!”, he completed.


Before disso, the second-feira (21/11), Brenda Paixão I received a bouquet of roses-red vermelhas, sent by ex-boyfriend. “Flowers are pretty, but they don’t keep crap,” she wrote, posing next to the boot on her Instagram.

Term of Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio

Champions of the last edition of Power Couple, Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio will place an unnewed final point. The announcement was made by the influencer, in a postage in our Instagram Stories, at the third fair (10/25).

“Cycles closed, cycles began. In respect to the fans of Bretheus, I am here to communicate that we and Matheus are no longer a married couple”, begins Brenda’s publication.

“I regret that we continue turning for the happiness of both, now each following our path. And I also regret that we respect this moment”, she completed. Brenda still clarifies that “there was no betrayal”, but says that “there are other reasons that will lead to the end”. “I hope you understand us. And don’t create speculations”, she finished.

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