A Brazilian influencer Juliana Nehme I was prevented from traveling to Pela Qatar Airways second to the airline, being “gorda demais”. In a series of posts on social networks, the model told that she is in Lebanon, from where she would have a connection to Doha, not Qatar and, afterward, he would return to Brazil. Due to Qatar’s decision, she was unable to leave her country of origin.

“The Qatari airline told me that I can’t board because I’m too fat and I don’t have the right to that passage. This is me, my mother, my sister and my nephew, we paid US $ 4 thousand (about R $ 21 thousand) for these passages ”, she recounted, chortling.

“Now, she simply refuses to give the tickets and to let me board I’m not going to Doha and from there to São Paulo because I’m fat. Now, what are you going to do? ”, she asked.

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According to Juliana, she claimed to Qatar that she was not entitled to an economic ticket, which was bought for US$1,000, or the equivalent of R$6,000. To travel, she would have to disburse US$ 3,000, about R$ 16,000, in an executive ticket, or acquire two common banks.

“They are denying the right to travel. I came from Air France normal, I had no problem, and now they are denying me my ticket… People, you desperate, help me. They don’t want me to board because I’m fat. A business ticket costs US$ 3 thousand and I don’t have it. I don’t know what to do ”, she blurted out.

Help from the Brazilian embassy

In the morning of this fifth fair (11/24), Juliana recorded Stories telling that she is receiving aid from the Brazilian embaixada in Lebanon. Second to influencer, Qatar maintains its position with the organization.

“I managed to speak as the ambassador of Brazil in Lebanon and he is helping me. He managed to talk to Qatar, but she did not open the payment for an extra ticket and the fine”, he explained.

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