The gynecologist Emile Daraï was indicted this Thursday, November 24 for “willful violence” on 32 women. He had been dismissed from his post as head of the gynecology-obstetrics department at Tenon hospital in Paris in December 2021.

This specialist in endometriosis, former head of the gynecological-obstetrics and reproductive medicine department at Tenon hospital, was placed under judicial supervision with a ban on contact with the victims and on holding private gynecological consultations.

A preliminary investigation for rape opened in 2021

Following a first complaint, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation on September 28, 2021 for rape by a person having authority over a minor over the age of 15, later extended to gang rape.

In December, a report of the internal investigation, launched by the AP-HP and Sorbonne University, had concluded that “the obligation to inform these patients, the relief of their pain, the respect of their wishes[avaient] not been complied with”.

The gynecologist continued the consultations

This document added, however, that “the commission [d’enquête] retains no sexual connotation while certain shortcomings have been noted in the collection of consent to certain gestures”.

The commission also considered that the situation was “the result of individual but also collective and systemic dysfunctions”.

On January 3, a judicial investigation was finally opened for violence by a person responsible for a public service mission. Emile Daraï has since been permanently withdrawn from his responsibilities as head of department and head of education. However, he continued to consult.

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