or journalist Felipe Campos it was pronounced. nessa terça-feira (11/22), became an influencer Dayane Bezerra organize a campaign to ask for the dismissal of the communicator due to the unfaithful criticisms against his signature Deolane Bezerrawhich participates in To Fazenda 14.

The official gives TV Record I condemned the attitude of the sister of the peoa and reinforced that I was hired by the station precisely because of her harsh criticism. Felipeh Campos made the statement during the Link Podcast exhibition.

“When I say that I don’t like a participant in a reality show, it’s because I share my opinion and I was instructed to do so, I speak correct Portuguese so that you will understand everything here that I am saying,” he began.

“I do not make my life a test tube to block the turbines of some engine so that the others can just go and attack it, because it is a cowardice”, he continued.

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The critic still remembered the attacks of the peo family against other people who criticized the position of the lawyer in the reality show: “First I was with Carelli, with Adriane Galisteu, with Xuxa. What story is that? Now, everyone can command?

At the end of the statement, he reinforced that he will not feel intimidated by the attacks. “This is called egocentrism, they are people who do not have minimal dignity and do not know how to deal with the opinion of God and do not have the emotional intelligence to live in society,” he completed.

Criticism of Felipe Campos

dayane encorajou um protesto entre fãs In order for the Record TV employee to be detached from the company, his position would not be neutral in relation to the reality show.

“Today I want to make a request for you, my clubs, followers and people who like people. Let’s go to Record, let’s ask for an attitude against that journalist Felipeh Campos. He is hired by Record, he has to work and perform the role of him, it will not be massacring Deolane (…) Or he does the job that it is not enough to massacre a reality candidate, even because they fear they have to act impartially (…) I want everyone commenting on the urges of the Record and the Fazenda, are we going to throw away that face to run, meu povo?”, asked Dayanne.

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