A law project (PL) raised for 25 years, placed on alert, this week, entities that represent composers and authors of segments such as audiovisual and literature. Authored by ex-deputy Serafim Venzon (PDT-SC), or draft law 396897 proposes to drastically alter Lei do Direito Autoral (9.61098). However, the proposal has been processed by the Chamber of Deputies since 1997 and, in the death throes of President Jair Bolsonaro’s mandate, it was placed for voting as a matter of urgency.

A guideline, which was not debated by nenhuma das comissiones da casa, places a whitewash on the collection of author rights, isonating philanthropic events and public entities for collection. President of the Brazilian Union of Composers (UBC), Marcelo Castello Branco He explained to the New Mag his views on the lawsuit.

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