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The influencer Juliana Nehme is already on her way to Brazil after being stopped on a flight in Lebanon, last Tuesday (22). The also plus size model revealed to have been a victim of fatphobia by the airline Qatar Airways, in Beirut, capital of Lebanon. “They prevented me from getting on the plane because I was too fat. They demanded the purchase of two seats or a first class ticket”, began Juliana in the outburst that she posted on social networks.

With the help of the Brazilian Embassy and the Brazilian Consulate in Lebanon, Juliana explained that the company had finally given in and she did not have to pay a fine [pela perda do voo] nor buy an extra seat. Even relieved with the situation resolved, she recognized that she had never been so humiliated. “I don’t want to stay here anymore, never in my life did I imagine going through everything I’m going through. I’ve already suffered from fatphobia in every way in Brazil, but I never imagined being looked at the way I was looked at. I never imagined being mistreated the way I was and still doing the my family go through this,” she said.

Juliana also said that she was even more saddened by the episode when she was criticized by people in the host place on the networks. “I read messages that said: ‘It’s unfair to people who travel with fat people because fat people take up the other person’s space’. I’ve always been realistic, I know I’m fat and I get in the way. I always travel only if my mother is on my side because if I have to disturb someone, I disturb her. With pain in the heart, but she is already used to it, she lays on my shoulder and we do not occupy someone else’s space. This hurt me a lot!”, recognized the model.

She continued to lament the humiliations she suffered: “People look at me as if fat were a monster. My mother always says that I’m not a monster, I’m normal and that being fat is not wrong. I’m telling you this because I don’t want anyone else to go through it. that. It’s not a joke to be fat in Brazil or in the world. What I experienced was very horrible, those women looking at me as if I were a monster. If a fat person eats a little piece of chocolate, people already criticize it. Don’t worry you can eat outside”, concluded Juliana Nehme.

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