The fans and the cast of Game of Thrones are in mourning. And for good reason, Wilko Johnson a.k.a John Wilkinson breathed his last at the age of 75. For several years, the actor had been fighting against the disease. As a reminder, he embodied the ruthless Ilyn Payn in fiction. His character was a loyal servant of the crown. Especially from the Lannister clan.

Because of his misdeeds, he had even been assigned the role of “King’s Justice”. In reality, Ilyn Payn was nothing but a simple executioner. The latter became mute twenty years earlier following the decision of Aerys II Targaryen more commonly known as the “mad king” who had ordered his tongue to be torn out. Wilko Johnson had made several appearances in the first two seasons of Game of Thrones between 2012 and 2013.

“Thank you for supporting Wilko…”

His sudden disappearance sparked countless reactions on the Web. “This is the announcement that we would never have wanted to make. It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Wilko Johnson passed away at his home in Westcliff-on-Sea on Monday evening, November 21, 2022” indicated the entourage of the actor in a press release as explained by the DailyMail.“We thank you for respecting the privacy of his family at this sad time. Thank you for supporting Wilko through his incredible life. »

Wilko Johnson was also a great music lover. In the 1970s he was a founding member and guitarist of the band Dr. Feegood. Five opuses have also seen the light of day! In 1977, the latter left the band to form a new one called: Solid Senders. Then, Wilko Johnson began a solo career. In 2013, doctors diagnosed him with terminal pancreatic cancer. In the midst of turmoil, he refuses to undergo chemotherapy and claims to be cured after having a 3 kg tumor removed.


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