The debate on bullfighting is revived. This Thursday, November 24, 2022, Cyril Hanouna had thus decided to talk about it on the set of TPMP and had invited three distinguished guests, namely the matador Marc Serrano, the journalist passionate about this practice, Yannis Ezziadi and the activist Solveig Halloin.
Faced with Delphine Wespiser, who is also a fervent defender of animals, the tone very quickly rose on the set of the show. To the point of generating a huge cacophony. Deemed “extremist” by Internet users, activist Solveig Halloin has indeed caused a huge buzz by shouting messages, bloody fist raised to the sky to bring her compassion for the bulls who died during bullfights. Determined to do so, the young woman did not hesitate to provoke her opponents and turned around Cyril Hanouna in order to attract attention.
Enough to make the matador Marc Serrano lose patience, who tried to reveal his arguments live. Unable to place one, the man ended up leaving the set very annoyed. A situation that shocked and amused the viewers, visibly accustomed to the escapades of Solveig Halloin who had already shown himself on the set a few months ago.


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