This is a statement that will perhaps not restore its image. She who attracted the wrath of Internet users when she came to the anniversary program of the star Academy in 2021. “She” is none other than Élodie Frégé. Indeed, the winner of the third edition of the tele-hook of TF1 was not only making friends when she was questioned by Nikos Aliagas about the “progressions” of the candidates during her season. The artist then dropped: “I have to say trying not to be pretentious that I think I was the one with the most room for improvement. Because to see the woman I’ve become now, the artist I’ve become now and to see this young woman, this little girl […] I am really very happy to have given myself this chance”.

A speech that aroused the anger of Internet users who considered it pretentious. But this Thursday, November 24, Élodie Frégé made a new statement that could again attract the ire of some. While she was a member of the Miss France jury in 2014, the singer nevertheless tackled the beauty contest when she came to TV Magazine.

Bad memory for Élodie Frégé?

“It’s always a little weird for me, if I may say so, this competition”she swung at first before trying to explain herself: “It’s very strange all the same to put women on a set and say: ‘hey, she’s the most beautiful, she’s the one who talks the best, who has the biggest eyes… I do not know.”

Following her statement, our colleagues did not fail to remind her that she had nevertheless judged these young women during her presence in the jury. “I wanted to have fun that day”defended Élodie Frégé before continuing: “It was a bit of a good time and I said to myself: ‘Hey, what if I go!’ And then there was my friend Garou who was there and Sylvie Vartan, if I remember correctly. We had a lot of laughs. I don’t regret it at all, but at the time I said to myself that you can’t judge someone on the size of his feet, though!”

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