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Fernanda Passos, widow of Erasmo Carloscommented on the death of the artist this Tuesday (22)🇧🇷 The artist was admitted to a hospital in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro and died as a result of panniculitis complicated by sepsis of cutaneous origin, an inflammation of the skin.

“You transcended, I was the one who died! I asked so much, I begged, I implored God, your doctors, I appealed… Vido, it wasn’t your time, you didn’t want to leave, and God didn’t take you away from me, it was a illness, it was a thing of life, and we know that in some moments life is a beautiful shit”, he began.

“I saw you disappearing between my arms, and I saw you thirsty to live, thirsty to live with me! You lived for me! It was 12 years of meeting. I always loved you in a hurry, in despair, in pain, with blood, with tears, my love is fierce!”, He continued, in the caption of the photo of the two kissing.

“I prepared the house for you to come back. I washed the clothes, washed the bedding, and with that I lost your smell. Love, soon the smell! Soon I can’t live without your smell!”, he added. “Vido, you’ve waited 69 years for me… wait a little longer! We’ll meet.”

Tremendão, as he was nicknamed in the times of Jovem Guarda, was married to Fernanda since 2019. He leaves two sons, Leonardo and Gil, from his first marriage to Narinha, who died in 1995. The wake will be closed to the family and close friends.

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