do presenter I’m from home, Thiago Oliveira announced that he will be a father. O global, that a month ago he had asked his girlfriend in marriage, Bruna Matutirevealed that the couple expects the first child.

On Instagram, Thiago and Bruna will publish the first image of the baby, taken from an ultrasound, and will tell the current time of pregnancy.

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“3 months ago we live in a new world, of all days give good day, afternoon and night for this miracle of God in the belly of the most beautiful mother of this world. 3 months ago we live the dream of our lives with a cold in a different belly, with a different focus and with much greater professional purposes than we already have. Saying that we are happy is very little before the best present of our lives”, wrote the couple.

“Filho (a), our family already loves you so much that when you arrive it will be the biggest party of all time! Come with health, love and blessing by God and Nossa Senhora Aparecida, children of daddy and mommy”, the publication concluded.

A video with Thiago’s reaction, soon as he discovered that it would be for him, was published in the announcement.

Thiago and Bruna know each other in the past as professional colleagues, but three years ago they got closer and started a romance. Even though they are not married yet, they treat each other like husband and wife and share the same breast in the house that they will build together.

This will be the second wedding of Thiago Oliveira. The first lasted a year, between September 2018 and September 2019.

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