While Antonela Roccuzzo is in Qatar supporting Lionel Messi and the Argentine National Team, His family is embarking on a project that requires a lot of energy: opening a Montessori school.

To show support for her sister, the wife of the captain of the National Team published on her Instagram an invitation to an informative talk about it that will take place this Thursday in Santa Fé.

What is the Montessori School that Antonela Roccuzzo’s family wants to open?

Antonela Roccuzzo’s sister plans to open a Montessori school in the city of Funes. With the title “Freedom and Limits in Montessori”, the meeting promoted by Antonela herself from Doha seeks carry a different educational profile hand in hand with the political family of the “10”.

With kindergarten, nursery and primary school, the project is still awaiting approval from the local legislative body. Under the names Ambiente Nido, Children’s Community, Children’s House and Workshops, the idea is that the educational institution in both shifts, with an option of extended hours for the primary level and lunch included.

The invitation to the Montessori School of the family of Antonela Roccuzzo
The invitation to the Montessori School of the family of Antonela Roccuzzo

In addition, it is planned that the location of the school will be in areas close to key arteries in terms of the connection of Route 9 and the Air Force, which triggered the refusals of some councilors to its approval, arguing that it could affect traffic flow. In this regard, the representatives from the Cocoon project They responded that a large sector is planned for parking lots and overtime payment to transit personnel and they ask for pre-feasibility for the commercial opening.

Who are the sisters of Antonela Roccuzzo

Paula, the older sister of Antonela Roccuzzo, is 36 years old and is married to Lisandro Debernardiwith whom he has two children named Felipe and Simón.

Paula Roccuzzo, sister of Antonela Roccuzzo
Paula Roccuzzo, sister of Antonela Roccuzzo

A lawyer by profession, she is also an entrepreneur since, together with Antonela, she launched the children’s clothing brand kids. In addition, she is in charge of the Único supermarket chain, which operates in the city of Rosario. This business began in 1982 as a small pantry, by the hand of her grandmother Lelé.

Carla Roccuzzo is 31 years old and received her medical degree from the National University of Rosario (UNR). In 2017, she was Antonela’s godmother with Leo Messi and, years later, He went to live in the United States to do a postgraduate degree in medicine..

Carla Roccuzzo, sister of Antonela Roccuzzo
Carla Roccuzzo

What is the Montessori Method

According to the Argentine María Montessori Foundation “The Montessori method is characterized by providing a prepared environment: orderly, aesthetic, simple, real, where each element has its reason for being in the development of children.” In addition, she maintains that the Montessori classroom integrates ages grouped into periods of 3 years, which naturally promotes socialization, respect and solidarity.

Along the same lines, the Foundation adds that children work with scientifically designed concrete materials, which provide the keys to explore the world and to develop basic cognitive skills. The objective is that children can recognize the error by themselves and take responsibility for their own learning.

The adult is an observer and a guide; he helps and encourages the boy in all her endeavors. He allows you to act, want and think for yourself, helping you develop confidence and inner discipline.

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