The objective is to better identify, report and then protect minors. The Incest Commission presented this Tuesday a “national doctrine on the identification and reporting” of sexual violence against minors in the form of a training booklet intended for all professionals in contact with children. This booklet is intended in particular for teachers, doctors, police and gendarmes, magistrates, social workers and lawyers.

“160,000 children are victims of rape and sexual assault each year: we have to go find them to bring them to safety. It’s urgent. In all places of life frequented by children, there are child victims, ”wrote the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence against Children (Ciivise) in a press release. The “national doctrine” formalized by the booklet was presented on Tuesday during a training day in which some 3,000 people were to participate in the amphitheater and online.

Clinical picture of child victims

“There is a clinical picture of child victims of violence that you have to be able to identify: somatic pain, difficulties of expression, sudden change in behavior, etc. “, explains the Ciivise. “Before any suggestive sign, all professionals in contact with children should ask them the question of the possible existence of sexual violence,” she suggests.

The training booklet available on the Ciivise website provides them with tools by listing examples of questions to ask: “Has someone hurt you” or “Is something hurting you?” » and, on the contrary, sentences not to say « I won’t tell anyone, it will remain between you and me ». Created by the government, the Ciivise began its work in March 2021 in the wake of the #MeToo incest movement.

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