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It was in June of this year that Valentina Schmidt, daughter of presenter Tadeu Schmidt, revealed to be queer, that is, a person who does not fit a traditional definition, standards imposed by society and who can move between genders as he sees fit. And, according to the commander of Big Brother Brasil, the statement did not change their relationship at all.

“I just had this thing: will anyone be prejudiced against her? Absolutely nothing has changed for me. I can’t even say that I welcomed her. On a day like any other, we continued to love each other the same way. smallest difference”, he revealed in Papo de Segunda (GNT).

Tadeu found out about this issue through social media. But he reinforced that if the girl had wanted to speak directly to him, there would have been no problem. “Our society will be much happier when we neither question nor debate. If we stop to think about it, it’s crazy for us to be caring about people’s sexual orientation.”

In the chat, Tadeu sent a message to the most conservative people and revealed that he has been interested in the LGBTQIA+ cause for years.

“The conservator will say: ‘See this Tadeu? It’s because his daughter is ‘kind of like that’, that’s why he keeps defending these things”. I’ve been defending all these causes for a long time. , nothing has changed. It’s wonderful. I want her to be happy the way she wants to be,” he concluded.

Taking advantage of Pride month, Valentina, 20, in a post on the social network, said she felt proud of being able to be who she is. “A year ago, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life. A decision I am deeply proud of. I am proud to have the freedom to speak openly about my sexuality,” she began.

“Proud to love who I want, to have family and friends who support me unconditionally, to be a queer woman, proud to be me,” she added.

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