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Globo’s strategy of inviting people outside the world of football to comment on World Cup games continues to yield the result that the channel was looking for: repercussions on the networks. In addition to the regular participation of Jojo Toddynho, this Tuesday’s Central da Copa (22) featured Susana Vieira, 80.

And she, as expected, surrendered. The actress gave controversial statements and was willing to “cause” from the first moment she appeared on TV alongside Jojo, Alex Escobar and Fred Guedes🇧🇷

The veteran already started saying that she thought the former Argentine player Maradona “gross” and the football king pele “dirty”, to the astonishment of everyone there -Toddynho say so. Or rather, he didn’t need to say. The face she made was worth a thousand words and became a meme.

Susana tried to explain herself. “Do you understand when I talk about dirt? It’s those carts, that nowadays we know so much. Nowadays we play a much more polite football”, she concluded. Even the old question of the woman not knowing what an offside is in football – a cliché that seemed to be dead and buried – has come back to the fore.

This time, through Jojo, who asked the presenters about their rules, what causes it. Susana realized that she had missed the opportunity to demonstrate her ignorance on the subject and ran after the protagonism: “I was going to ask that, but I thought it was better not to embarrass myself”.

During a segment called Random Cup, Susana also confused former player Fred’s team (he was active until a few months ago) and even said he was “hitting on” to the athlete. “I almost got punched by Fred, but that’s because I was hitting on him. I thought he was Flamengo”, said the artist about the striker, one of the greatest idols in the history of Fluminense.

At the end of the attraction, she even started giving tips on the decoration of the Central da Copa studio, and suggested that Persian rugs and cushions be placed on the floor. But what drew attention was an unusual request: “I could have a hookah, don’t you think?”, she asked Escobar.

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