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It seems that the singer Shawn Mendes, 24, is ready to love again. At least that’s what the international media points out, when reporting several pictures of the artist with Jocelyne Miranda, 50, a chiropractor beloved by the world of celebrities.

The two have already been seen together a few times on walks in Los Angeles and, this week, they were photographed shopping at the Farmer’s Market, which is in the West Hollywood area. According to the website Hola! the supposed new couple walked hugging each other while shopping and having a drink.

They had already been photographed having lunch together at the South Beverly Grill in Los Angeles. However, none of the two confirmed or denied the rumors that they would be together. Jocelyn is known for her years of medical experience in body biomechanics, biodynamics and soft tissue.

She has worked with several celebrities, including justin Bieber🇧🇷 justin Timberlake🇧🇷 Hailey Bieber🇧🇷 Kendall Jenner, Omar Apollo and others. The chiropractor has even published some photos with the celebrities she works with, including Shawn, on her social networks.

Furthermore, she has worked with the artist previously. She was on his team during the tour between the years 2018 and 2019 and also helped him at awards such as the AMAs, VMAs and the Saturday Night Live program. Earlier, Shawn had a long relationship with the singer. Camila Cabellowhich came to an end in November 2021.

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