Some choose the terrace of a restaurant or café, others an exchange by SMS or on social networks. And still others prefer to go to the Dadju concert to settle their accounts. Indeed, on November 20, Gims’ brother was doing the show in Luxembourg. While everything was going well, the artist was cut off during his performance because of a clarification between two people who were in the front row of his concert.

The two exes, who did not think they would meet in such a place, began to “discuss” and empty their bags on a title by the artist which suited the situation perfectly: Go tell your ex. A scene that obviously challenged Dadju. The latter then cut his show to intervene and try to calm the situation. The artist also published a video of the altercation on his Instagram account, this Monday, November 21, to share this more than comical scene with his community. The opportunity for the two former to see their settlement of accounts displayed in broad daylight.

Dadju obliged to calm the situation

In the said video, we can see that the singer, who was having a scare because of a fan, tried to get the version of the two exes. Inès and Lucas accuse each other of cheating and no one budges. Realizing that the situation was never going to change if he did not take the lead, Dadju then made the choice to bring the two protagonists on stage. Not to make them sing, but to express themselves in front of the public.

Once again, everyone maintained their version. For Inès, Lucas had cheated on her throughout their relationship. While Lucas assured the opposite. It is finally the public who decided at the request of Dadju. And for this one, it would be the young woman who would be right. Not sure that Lucas has good memories of this concert…

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