Roberto Baggio protagonist in Vite on Sky TG24 (and on Sky Sport)IS Roberto Baggio the protagonist of the new cycle of “Lives – The art of the possible”broadcast on Sky TG24 Wednesday 23 November at 8.45pm come on Sky Sports One at 10.00pm. The ‘divin pigtail’ talks to Giuseppe De Bellis in an exceptional location, the ITA Airways airliner that bears his name and, among memories, hopes and anecdotes, he takes a picture of his life inside and out from the field.

From the stands of Menti, dreaming of Paolo Rossi. “I went with my dad on Sundays by bike to see Vicenza play where Paolo was also and I dreamed of becoming like him” to a career made of successes, hard work, love but also a lot of suffering starting from that cursed penalty in Pasadena which is still hard to forget. “People have always shown me great love, great affection for which they understood my suffering, but I am very demanding with myself… I had a thousand opportunities to make a mistake rigor but I shouldn’t have messed it up that day”, until his relationship with the national team, a visceral love that marked a generation and which ended abruptly with his failure to be called up to the 2002 World Cup:

“It’s a wound – he admitted – like all wounds, maybe they never heal completely, because I think that world championship was just a reward for what I had done and for what I had given to the Azzurri”. An extraordinary career, that of Baggio, which saw him confront the realities of the biggest Italian clubs: Juventus, Inter, Milan, but also with the province that loved him so much and elected his favorite. “The year of Bologna – he said – it was a wonderful year in many respects. She took me back in National and it brought me back to the joy of being able to live another world championship. There was a great relationship with the people, really, my family and I didn’t even notice the time passing by”. Then the knees, the injuries, an ordeal that several times threatened to bend him. “Unfortunately that is something that has always accompanied me, I lived with this sword of Damocles on my head in every training session and in every game”, which however they have not managed to obscure a talent that is too crystalline to not be able to shine. Finally, the farewell to San Siro, in a day full of affection and emotion: “It was moving, I felt the affection of all the Italian fans”.

On his return to the world of football, perhaps as a coach, he replies: “At the beginning I wanted to disconnect completely and I wanted to understand what to do when I grow up and then yes, every now and then the wish, you think about it and then luckily a thought remains. You also have to be inclined to do certain things and perhaps I don’t consider myself worthy of doing them”. In the interview, the story of a football that is now history and in which even he had to elbow to assert himself, the 90’s and the revolution of Bags that “he had created this school and everyone followed him. Therefore, for those who had my role, which was not well defined, it was difficult. If I think about Zola that he had to go to England to play, I laugh. I think the coach is very important but football is still played by the players, luckily”. And when asked which was the best Baggio replies: “That of Vicenza. Because I remember that – without presumption – I was impregnable”, a rise interrupted by the first serious injury of his career. “Unfortunately yes I realized that I was no longer the same, that accident marked me for life”.

After the withdrawal, instead, the transformation. Baggio returns Robertgreeting the field with the awareness of one who has given everything and now enjoying the peace and love of his family away from the spotlight, waiting to become a grandfather and rediscovering his deep love for nature every day: “For me, being in contact with nature, working, cutting plants, doing things that apparently the others have no meaning, it makes me arrive in the evening disfigured by fatigue, but fulfilled. You have done something that will help your family, your friends”. As for wishes and dreams for the future, he says he wants to” see this country as it once was: envied by all. There hope it’s always there, we don’t miss anything”. All this in the story of a man and a champion who left an indelible mark on our history, a fragile hero that Italians have learned to admire and love perhaps more for his failures than for his successes.

Edited and made by director of Sky TG24 Giuseppe De Bellis, “Lives – The art of the possible” it’s a cycle of ten interviews dedicated to success and the ability to achieve it. A professional and personal portrait of great Italians who have distinguished themselves in their field: from industry to cinema, from science to style up to art and literature, becoming known all over the world. The interviews will also become part of the syndication of the Comcast Group news area and may also be broadcast by NBC.

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