In October 2022, TF1 marked the launch of the new edition of Star Academy. If for a long time Michael Goldman distinguished himself far from the spotlight, his notoriety simply exploded by becoming the director of this season. In the media, his relatives are full of praise for him. “He has extraordinary social skills, he is intelligent, cultivated, hard-hitting and above all extremely funny. All of this gives him a precious social charm”, entrusted her sister Caroline Goldman to Le Figaro.“And, on the other hand, he’s basically a hermit. He likes to be surrounded by screens, storybooks, listening to music and dining alone.”

Within the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman struggles to best support the students of the famous program. Some of his remarks have also had the merit of challenging some of them. On a daily basis, he doesn’t hesitate to issue reminders: make or break. “Sometimes it’s a fair limit”, once dropped Michael Goldman. “The truth, however, is that we are not yet at the level of Celine Dion, Lara Fabian and Beyoncé”.

“I understand that he pushes me more…”

On November 19, 2022, Chris was eliminated much to the chagrin of his fans. In any case, he has only good memories of this incredible adventure. “Behind the scenes, there was no need to comfort me, there were no tears, only smiles. I think it was the right timing”, confessed the singer to our colleagues from pure people. “I’m so happy with this adventure. I’m proud of my journey, I managed to never be nominated and I reached the semi-final. I have no regrets and I wasn’t sad at all , on the contrary. Deep down inside, I was already looking forward to going to the studio”.

During the interview, Stan’s sidekick also brought up Michael Goldman. If for a time he was taken aback by his feedback about his performances, Chris ended up understanding his expectations: “I often found him very hard, I even talked to him about it after the prime and in fact, he clearly told me that he expected more from me, that he loved my tone of voice… So I understand that ‘he pushes me more, especially in an adventure like this. It was hard to take, but always said with kindness. It is said !


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