Caroline Lima rumors spread that or Rodolfo singer, He is a duo with Israel, I would be interested in it. In participation in Podcats, to ex Éder Militão Questioned the presenter Lucas Guimarães, a mutual friend of her and Rodolfo, the reason for the sertanejo not having taken an attitude in a party in which you two will appear. “Why didn’t he come?” she asked.

The digital influencer, who has been single since her term as the player of the national team, raised the possibility of concretizing a date with Rodolffo na Farofa da Gkaycase or singer esteja no event.

“Disseram for all song that would be a new rainha da Farofa [da Gkay]. Um Rodolfo no resume would be legal too. Eu acho ele incrível ”, he affirmed.

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In the conversation, Karoline still stated that she prefers older partners. “Todo menino mais novo que eu, que me envolvi, deu ruim. God defend me”.

Lucas also asked if he would be happy with Tierry. The influencer then questioned if he was newer. The presenter retorted: “No, he is also a man”. “I don’t know, I don’t know”, Karoline answered.

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