Flor Vigna is in a relationship with Luciano Castro since 2021 and revealed that she uses birth control pills to prevent pregnancy

“I take care of myself with pills” revealed in the Catalina Dugi program.

Although the courtship is consolidated and both have work projects, the two-time champion of Dancing for a Dream, spoke openly in hold on catalinaa program that is broadcast by The Eleven Ten.

When questioned about whether they fantasized about having children with Luciano, the now “pink-haired” revealed the method they choose to control motherhood.

He added that likes to talk openly about the subject because he considers that contraceptive methods are not talked about and said: “I tell it because I like to talk about contraceptive methods because it is something that is not said much“.

You feel that it is a conscious decision and that it is not the only method you have used: “Before, I took care of myself with an IUD and now I take care of myself with pills. This is my conscious decision now.”

Luciano Castro is the father of Mateo (20), Esperanza (9) and Fausto (7) and the dancer admits that it causes her emotion to see him play that role. She assured that “I die of love when I see him with his children, he is such a good father that any woman would melt”said Flower.

Flor Vigna confesses that despite adopting a contraceptive method You want to be a mother with your partner. “I would like to have children sometime, but it’s not yet.”

The priorities for now have to do with work projects. “For now I need time to consecrate all this that I am working on now. It will be a few years of construction and rowing. I need to be busy”, concluded Flor Vigna.

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