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Young Mick Jagger Brazilian? O influencer Felipe Grandchild, 34, joked on social networks with the fame of pé-frio in Qatar World Cup. The two teams he supported, Germany and Argentina, lost their games to the underdogs of the championship: Japan and Saudi Arabia.

“Tomorrow I’m going to wear the Serbia shirt”, wrote Felipe this Wednesday (23) in twitter referring to the opponent of Brazil in the debut in the World Cup. In the post on the social network, he shared a montage of photos of him wearing the Germany and Argentina shirts.

Netizens also didn’t miss the chance to make fun of the influencer and called him the Brazilian Mick Jagger – all the teams that the rocker supported in the World Cups in Brazil and South Africa lost the games. “And thus the new Mick Jagger was born,” one person tweeted. “Felipe Neto is the new Mick Jagger”, commented an internet user

“Fold foot, please don’t wear the yellow shirt (for several reasons)”, tweeted an internet user tagging the youtuber. “Do not use the [camiseta] from Brazil tomorrow”, asked a user of the social network to Felipe. “Please, see? Thanks! Brazil are favorites for tomorrow’s game and I really wanted them to win,” wrote one woman.

The rocker Mick Jagger gained fame as a cold foot in the World Cup in South Africa, in 2010. But the title gained other proportions when the musician accompanied the game between Brazil and Germany, in the final of the 2014 World Cup —yes, the 7 to 1 game.

Before that, in 2010, he watched England’s game against Germany and his team lost. Days later, he accompanied his son, Lucas, the result of his relationship with Luciana Gimenez, in the stands of the game between Brazil and the Netherlands. The green and yellow selection also lost.

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