Rio de Janeiro

One day after having received criticism about the daring costumes in the presentation of the program “Tá na Copa”, from SporTV, Deborah Secco decided to be more discreet on Tuesday night (22). The actress decided to put on a sleeveless blouse and a uniform vest to escape the cold in the station’s studio.

To complete the look, the commentator, of course, went beyond the obvious. In place of the dull khaki long pants worn by her other teammates, she opted for a 20 cm long micro miniskirt.

It is worth remembering that one of those responsible for choosing Deborah’s costumes, the stylist Erick Maia, used social networks to sting anyone who had criticized the actress’s clothes. “It must be horrible to hate Deborah and not be able to call her ugly”, he shot when publishing in his stories, the second outfit worn by the actress on the night: a T-shirt from the channel and boots to show her legs. The first was a crop top with panties on display🇧🇷

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