Rio de Janeiro

It’s been 56 years since the release of the first album by boy buarque🇧🇷 The work, which bears the full name of the singer and composer, is one of the most important in MPB and brings hits such as “A Banda”, “Sonho de Carnaval”, “Juca”, among others. But, since 2013, the album has become even more famous due to the anthological cover, where Chico appears smiling on one side and with a sad face on the other. A video of the artist has been circulating on the networks revealing details about the episode.

“The cover photos…I remember well… We were in a photo studio and I wanted to take a more serious picture. I wanted to stand out as a serious songwriter and stuff and they thought I looked prettier when I smiled. So , we took several pictures smiling and serious”, it started Chico Buarque🇧🇷

The musician, 78, further explained that the label chose to include both versions, avoiding discarding either image. “I went to see the finished cover. They did their will and mine, with this absurd cover that became a meme. And, every time I see it, whether it’s a meme or not, I say how absurd it is,” said the singer, laughing. .

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