Casper Helmand, coach of the Danish national football team, confirmed that he has great respect for the Tunisian national team and Tunisian football, and expects a difficult match against the “Carthage Eagles” when the two teams meet on Tuesday.

The Danish national team will meet its Tunisian counterpart on Tuesday at the “Education City” stadium in the first round of Group D matches in the 2022 World Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar.

Helmand said in the press conference held on Monday to talk about the match: We are very happy to be here and very excited to start the match, and of course we are very pleased with the opportunity to be here in the World Cup and represent the entire country, clubs and Danish football.

He added: We are very happy to reach this stage, we thank the Danish fans, we know that most of you are in your homes, and those of you who are here, we thank them for coming here to support the national team and we thank the fans in our country, we are very happy and we hope to move forward in this tournament.

He continued: We will play the first match against the Tunisian national team. I have great respect for the Tunisian national team and Tunisian football, and we know the Tunisian national team players well and we have followed them in the recent period. We know the quality of the Tunisian crowd and we are very excited to play Tuesday’s game and we are fully aware that there will be many Tunisian fans in the stadium and we hope to be the best team on the field.

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