Paga and Giuseppa spin the perfect love. On October 31, the two lovebirds also announced great news on social networks. In a few months, the couple will welcome their very first child. But before pampering, the lovers have granted themselves a few days of vacation. It is therefore in Dubai that the reality TV candidates have put down their suitcases for a short stay. An opportunity for them to see their friends again, but also to visit the emblematic places of the United Arab Emirates.

This Monday, November 21, 2022, the mother-to-be shared a photo of her with Paga at the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. A publication that divided the Web. “You are making the Muslim religion too much of a fad, please really stop and keep its memories to yourself. It’s important”, “Stop believing that the Mosques or Mecca are the Louvre museum or places to visit. It is the House of Allah and it is Forbidden to Non-Muslims. Respect a little”, “Stop friends from wanting to retrain everyone. Islam is not a garbage religion where everyone is stuffed. Respect Allah. Marine is Moroccan from a Muslim father, but they have nothing to do with Islam”, “New trend for influencers, buzz with religion…”could we read in the comments.

“Religions are open to all”

Attacks to which the star of the Rest of the World wished to respond. ” Save your rotten human comments talking about religion and such! Don’t forget that religions are open to everyone, churches to Muslims and mosques to Christians! Show solidarity time and time in your life, the world would be much better. We had an exceptional moment in this mosque, just as it could have been in a church. We wanted to immortalize and not follow a ‘fashion’. Stop smearing religions, it’s you rotten ones, you who allow yourselves to judge. That is what is said!


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