Jalal Al-Qadri, coach of the Tunisian national football team, praised the opening ceremony and the organizational aspects of the 2022 World Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar, expressing his confidence in the players of his team and their ability to achieve positive results despite the difficulty of the group in which the team is competing.

The Tunisian national team will meet its Danish counterpart on Tuesday at the Education City Stadium in the first round of Group D matches, which also includes France and Australia.

Jalal Al-Qadri said during the press conference held on Monday to talk about the match: With regard to the match against Denmark, we know the value of any match in a tournament the size of the World Cup, and we know the value and importance of the first match in the tournament.

He added: The Tunisian national team has a match against a team of the highest levels, which is the Danish national team. This team has recently reviewed very high levels and is one of the best European teams. We know Denmark’s capabilities, not on the individual level but also on the collective level.

He continued: The Danish national team can present football at very high levels, but the Tunisian national team has principles, has a legacy, and has confidence in its group of players. We have prepared at very high levels, as this group of players has done a great job over two years.

The Tunisian coach added: We achieved the first goal, which is to be present in the best edition of the World Cup for us. Tunisia is not new to participation in the World Cup, as this is the sixth participation for us, and the second goal remains to meet the ambition of the Tunisian street and our ambition as a technical and ambitious body. players.

Al-Qadri continued: We aspire to achieve an achievement that will remain in our history. We know that we are competing in a difficult group that includes ancient teams, but we have high confidence in the national team and in the group of current players, and we wish success and positive results, starting from Tuesday’s match.

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