Taurus: good strategies. Contacts. You activate the network and public relations. Movement generates more movement. Success. Virgo: Confidence in yourself is essential. Know that you are worth That you have capacity and you show it by far. Self-respect and valuation. Capricorn: fears of the past, old relationships and experiences surface. That once things have not gone well does not mean that history has to repeat itself.

TODAY is Yellow Rhythmic Star in the Mayan Calendar

Even if you find yourself sunk in the deepest hell, the angels will fly there to rescue you. A few years ago I saw a movie that moved me deeply: “Beyond the dreams”. The protagonist descended to hell itself to rescue his wife who was alienated and lost. Hell was shown as a reflection of our deepest fears and our miseries. Almost like the individual hell we each go through. And it was her love that saved him from her, saving her, he also saved himself. No matter what circumstances you are living, even if you feel that you are sinking into the worst hell, he asks your angels to rescue you, and they will fly to you and extend their hand to you.


Heaven and hell are states of consciousness. I extend my hand towards the angels so that they will lift me up to Paradise itself.

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