This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Olivier Giroud will certainly give everything with the Blues to win their first match against Australia. Over the years, the sportsman has become an essential figure within the French team. His prowess speaks for him! A native of Chambéry, the main interested party also conquered the crowds in England and Italy.

In Qatar, the football star has sworn to go as far as possible from the competition. “I’m still just as motivated, I have the fangs like when I was 20,” affirmed Olivier Giroud to our colleagues from the Figaro.“Nothing was certain about me in recent months, it is a source of pride to be able to defend the title acquired four years ago. We will try to be up to it”.

For this competition, Kylian’s sidekick can count on the unfailing support of those close to him. In particular on that of his wife Jennifer. In the city, they are at the head of a pretty tribe of four children. In good and bad times, the duo never let go. But in 2014, Olivier Giroud was at the heart of a terrible scandal!

“We kissed each other…”

This year, The Sun reveals to everyone’s surprise photos of the footballer in the company of a lingerie model named Celia Kay. The tabloid claimed that the main interested parties had both spent the night in a London hotel. Following these accusations, Olivier Giroud ended up breaking his silence on Twitter: “I apologize to my wife, my family, my manager, my team-mates and the Arsenal supporters.”

Much later, he also added as indicated Closer : “Yes I made a mistake, but no, I did not commit adultery! Let things be clear”. For her part, Célia Kay assured that she had not had sex with him. “Olivier told me about his life, he also told me what he would do for me, he promised me things and we kissed. It was cool, but no sex,” entrusted the top model for Interview.

In the midst of turmoil, Jennifer Giroud did not hesitate to defend her husband: “The French do not know how to read English newspapers correctly. [ils] believe in everything they read on the internet like c*ns… And journalists write what sells! It is typically French and generalizing”. And Bam !


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