Jimena Baron, Like millions of people, he also lives the World Cup in Qatar through social networks. His followers could witness the excitement and expectations generated by the debut of the Argentine National Team and he shared several videos with his son Morrison.

the interpreter of My happiness, and just as it happened to those who supported Lionel Scaloni’s team, Couldn’t control the disappointment when “el albiceleste” did not reach the tie and even less to victory.

Daniel Osvaldo’s exIn his eagerness to change little Momo’s mood, he designed a strategy that he shared on his Instagram account.

The post shows a video that reads: “He missed school because we were in a bad mood and we stayed playing the trick”, the goal was for Momo to have a fun day

The singer quickly cHe received comments and displays of affection from his followers. Undoubtedly, the debut of the national team will be indelible for Jimena Barón and her son, but at least they were able to reverse the climate of the day.

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