Science please, a Sky TG24 podcast with scientific and medical research and great storiesSky TG24 And the University of Pavia together for scientific dissemination. With this intention, the collaboration of the all news channel with the Pavia university was born for a cycle of ten weekly appointments with the podcasts of ‘Science, please‘, which can be listened to in the dedicated section, every Tuesday on The goal is to enhance rigor and the scientific approach to solving problems, to the detriment of fake news, which is increasingly dangerous and widespread in the age of social media. From nutrition to artificial intelligence, from biodiversity to earthquakes, from memory studies to Covid, the podcasts – curated as always for Sky TG24 by Robert Palladino – will try to explain even the most complex topics with an accessible language that seeks to bring people closer to the world of research and to awareness of its importance for everyone’s future.

«In a social context in which, unfortunately, more and more fake news and pseudo-scientific conceptions are circulating, it is very important to have quality dissemination that can contribute to responsible citizenship and informed choices – he said Francis Quick Rector of the University of Pavia -. We are therefore very pleased with this collaboration between the University of Pavia and Sky TG24, both committed to the quality of information in their respective fields. The University of Pavia will bring the contribution of some of its most qualified scientists and researchers, who will speak on topics of great interest, from epidemics to nutrition, from quantum computers to mosquitoes, to photovoltaics».

«Sky TG24 is honored by this collaboration with the University of Pavia which follows the path of quality information, based on the competence of scientific research and dissemination skills which are so important at a time like this»commented the director of the all news channel Joseph De Bellis.

The first episode entitled The praise of normality will be online from November 22nd. Guest the Prof. Raffaele Bruno, director of the medical area and of the Complex Operating Unit of Infectious Diseases of the San Matteo Polyclinic in Pavia. The doctor who treated and saved Mattia, the Italian ‘patient one’, talks about the new challenges after Covid-19 from antibiotic resistance to the risks of climate change on global health. And it also recalls those first tragic days when the pandemic exploded and that February 20, 2020, when Italy, among the first nations in the world to be overwhelmed by the contagion, lost its normalcy. On November 29, the second episode will instead be dedicated to memory (“The memory of the future“), with the Prof. Tomaso Vecchi cheapre new and fascinating reflections on the meaning of memory. Vecchi, Professor of Cognitive and Experimental Psychology and Vice-Rector of the University of Pavia, has dedicated his research to the study of memory for years, answering many curiosities about this essential function: from the memory of children to how each of the same event different memories and the implications of all this – for example – in a courtroom.

The other teachers involved in the collaboration for the creation of the podcasts are Hellas Cena, Frederick Faroldi, Frederick Forneris, Julia Grancini, Clare Macchiavello, Rui Pinho, Silvia Priori And Graziano Rossi.

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