second to columnist Fabia Oliveirado em off, caio castro He would be being prosecuted by the store attendant Matheus Dias Encrenaziu, a star or treated badly during the inauguration of the establishment, where he had a VIP presence. The case occurs at Strati Vestuário e Acessórios Ltda, located in Morumbi Shopping Multiplan, in Sao Paulo (SP).

According to the process, Matheus’ participation consisted of receiving training, learning procedures and activities that preceded the inauguration of the stand where bracelets, rings, jumps and necklaces of the brand would be sold. Key design. Caio Castro would be present as a brand propaganda model.

No meanwhile, from the first contact, the mistake has passed to give orders to Matheus and the other employees.

Every second of the story, at a certain moment, I started a photo session in which the manager and the employees participated. Matheus positioned himself on the side of Caio Castro and was terrified in front of the name of the brand.

The attitude of the professional ended up being poorly received by the author, who would have been disrespectful as a kid, saying: “Whoa, shit, caralh*, come out in front of the brand, touch yourself by*, don’t you see that you’re charging the brand? It doesn’t lend itself to anything, porra”.

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Matheus affirmed that the occurrence would be much more than a hasty request, but rather an aggressive and humiliating conduct that intends to demonstrate the artist’s power as a famous actor and businessman.

In this way, it is best to procure the Judiciary, requesting the value of R$ 10 thousand as moral damages. The action was judged at the beginning of November. On the 18th of this month, I was determined to remit two cars to the Jabaquara Regional Forum. At the moment, the now has not presented his defense.

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