The “Star Academy” is already coming to an end. This Saturday, November 19, viewers also had the opportunity to discover the names of the four finalists. Léa, Anisha, Enola and Louis have qualified. A relief for the one who shared the stage with Marc Lavoine during the last prime. Unfortunately, if the young woman conquered the public, she does not seem to have fulfilled the expectations of the director. Visibly disappointed, Michael Goldman did not hesitate to tackle the candidate.

For good reason… During her performance alongside the 60-year-old singer, the latter had to settle on a swing. A step that the young woman skipped because of a malfunction. ” It’s a shame, hello “, she launched during the debrief. ” I feel like I’ve gotten so fat […] I said to myself: ‘I’m crazy’ “, then added the academician with humor.

“It was the Grévin museum”

Amused by his student’s remarks, Michael Goldman first laughed heartily. But while the director of the “Star Academy” validates Léa’s outspokenness, he does not validate her last appearance on stage. However, he affirms that she did better in the company of Marc Lavoine than in the company of Amir. ” It’s hard the swing, but if I put that thing aside […] You were static, that is to say, you landed there, it was the Grévin museum, it was a singing statue. You didn’t move at all. You just had your right arm doing that, basically “. A well-felt tackle from the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman who, a few days ago, already strongly reframed the budding singer who had not wanted to go to sports class. “ My dad always explained to me that what’s interesting in sport isn’t the sport, it’s the shower afterwards. The course, it’s horrible, it’s hard, but when you finish it, you say to yourself ‘I did it’. You don’t give up “, he had launched. Words that had boosted the candidate.


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