Before Argentina’s first game in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a rather particular event occurred. Through social networks, thousands of users not only witnessed the Albiceleste defeat against Saudi Arabia, but also a controversial cross between Marcelo Tinelli and the Chicken Alvarez.

In the preview of the confrontation, tinelli rebuked alvarez and complained to him for having lied to him in his weather forecast. “Sorry, the Chicken Alvarez...Listen to me Chicken Alvarezlook at my jacket”, started expressing the driver of Canta Conmigo Ahora. He then claimed: “I brought my jacket, I put on long pants because yesterday you published a story that it was going to be cold, idiot… And we are dying of heat”. Given this, the presenter of Nosotros a la Mañana excused himself: “AndI didn’t go to the opening, which was later at night. It’s hot today, it’s humid.”

Marcelo Tinelli's claim to El Pollo Álvarez

However, the businessman was also not willing to forgive alvarezy kept calling him an asshole. “Boludo, we’re dying. Look…long pants, thick socks, jacket. Lolo too. You came from Bermuda, you’re a son of a bitch… and I came like this to see you, idiot”he added. Then the announcer began to apologize to tinelli and to the Instagram followers who believed his prognosis.

“I apologize to everyone because a lot of people are bitching at me. The truth is that I’m leaving. Thanks for everything, guys”, He said Chicken Alvarez with much regret. Nevertheless, Marcelo Tinelli he continued to challenge him until the story came to an end.

Marcelo Tinelli and his meeting with David Beckham

Surprises in Qatar seem to be the order of the day. During a tour of nightclubs, Marcelo Tinelli he met English soccer star David Beckham and did not miss the opportunity to take a picture with him.

Marcelo Tinelli and David Beckham-a

The record was shared on the Instagram account of tinelli and he was very excited to meet one of the most important footballers in history. “What a pleasure to meet David Beckham’s boss”the driver wrote about the image that remained as evidence of the moment.

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