Sadness invaded her on Tuesday, November 22. While she must already try to mourn her father since December 5, 2017, Laura Smet must also face another painful disappearance. Indeed, his dog Chaplin is gone and his mistress is inconsolable as she proved on her Instagram account when she shared a story of her hairball, in black and white, accompanied by a text saying a lot about her distress.

“I miss you everyday my little Chaplin”she wrote before adding: “The dog of my life”. And when she speaks of the “dog of her life”, it is not to extrapolate. Indeed, this animal has indeed saved the life of Laura Smet as she confided in 2018 to our colleagues from BFM TV. At that time, she had launched an appeal to protest and shout her anger against the abandonment of animals. A scourge still present and which seems to be accentuated over the years…

His fight for animals

Something that Johnny Hallyday’s daughter cannot accept. Especially since she knows how intelligent a dog is and can have feelings for human beings. Proof of this is with this time when, without Chaplin, she would perhaps no longer be part of this world. “To abandon an animal is to abandon a life. […] My dog ​​knows exactly how I am as I speak to you.”she confided to BFM TV.

The one who took on Eminem went on to recount the details of the time Chaplin saved her: Once she screamed so loud that I was found because I passed out a long time ago at my house. She screamed so much, I was all alone, and I think that, given the way I had fallen, if she hadn’t screamed like that to warn the neighbors… She saved my life, it was eight years ago she was one year old. A moment that she has not forgotten and for which she still thanks her dog, even if she is no longer present by her side.

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