Influencer Katiuscia Torres Soares, 30, known as Kat Torres, was sent to a penitentiary in Belo Horizonte, after being imprisoned in the United States at the beginning of the month. Kat is the subject of a series of complaints, including fraud and human trafficking.

By means of a note disclosed in the morning of this terça-feira (11/22), to Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security (Sejusp) reported that Kat had entered the Estevão Pinto Women’s Penitentiary Complex, in Belo Horizonte, on November 19.

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Kat Torres I have an arrest warrant issued by the 5th Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo. She is accused of exporting people under similar conditions to slavery in the United States. The decision was published in the last fifth fair (11/17).

The penalty for this type of conviction, according to article 149 of the Brazilian Penal Code, is from 2 to 8 years in prison and a fine for each crime committed. After prison, the Federal Justice still issued a search and arrest warrant and determined that two cell phones belonging to the guru had been broken.

Despite the case, continue under stealth Federal police, or Public Ministry of São Paulo accompanies the case. The MP-SP, including, heard alleged victims of Kat Torres by videoconference where they made accusations such as extortion, charlatanism, forced prostitution, and other promises that make many women leave Brazil and immigrate to live in the United States.


EITHER imbróglio involving Kat Torres, two alleged victims and tied to model Yasmin Brunet After family and friends of Brazilians Letíciae Maia and Desirrê Freitas, we will denounce the disappearance of the young people and raise suspicions that their spiritual guru, Kate A Luz, may have been involved in a human trafficking scheme. Yasmin Brunet commented on the case on Twitter, asking that the disappearance of the young people be investigated.

After the case took over on social networks, Letícia appeared on video, apparently upset, and accused Yasmin of kidnapping her and keeping Desirrê in captivity.

Days later, Kate, Letícia and Desirrê will deny the complaints against the model and say that everyone has not passed a “jump”, so that Brunet feels “like being accused of something she did not commit.” My apology does not color and Yasmin Brunet registered an incident report at the 4th Cybercrime Delegationin São Paulo, after being accused of human trafficking.

“I am going to show them that the internet exists, yes, they read that they need to be followed, and that I am not a jumper that you do with someone. This type of accusation is very serious, it is not a joke that you face with someone”, he told the ex of Gabriel Medina.

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