Tuesday, November 29, Julie Depardieu will resume a new investigation in the clothes of Alexandra Ehle, this character that she embodies in a fiction broadcast on France 3. of Bordeaux which evolves with all its exuberance and in a sometimes disconcerting way in this very particular universe. An interpretation which in any case seduces the very many viewers present at each broadcast.

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Julie Depardieu talks about her colorful character: “Someone who does as he pleases, these days, that can be dangerous. I like the idea that it’s not just people who love Alexandra. Not everyone always agrees with her…even if she’s always right!“An interpretation that the actress does not judge far from her own character.”Alexandra it’s me if I were a lawyer, it’s almost too easy! I don’t feel like I’m asking myself 4,000 questions about the psychology of the character. So I feel guilty. I hope it won’t hurt me.”, admits the actress.

The journalists of Télé Loisirs then looked at her desire to unite with Philippe Katerine, whose life she has shared for almost twelve years now. “With Philippe, we thought we would get married when we were old. So let’s start thinking about it!“, she says. “Anyway, I’m very glad I didn’t get married before. I didn’t belong to anyone. But when you have kids and you have lived together for twelve years, you start to believe in it.

Julie Depardieu and Philippe Katerine are indeed already happy parents, and Gérard Depardieu therefore grandfather. ” Gérard is a very good grandfather! He is with us every weekend, he cooks. He also makes the best lamb in the world! When I was little, he worked a lot but, with his grandchildren, he has more time and shows a real interest in them. He watches them, listens to them, also teaches them a lot of bullshit. He is funny and provocative. Billy said to me: ‘Grandpa, he has 8 years of mental age’. What I see is that he is happy to see them and that he is fully into it. “, confided the actress to Télé Star.


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