João Vicente de Castro I was asked about the paternity issue to post a photo next to his friends Douglas Silva, Romulo Estrela, Raphael Zulu and Chay Suede. Detail: all with their respective children in our arms.

Do not click, the other appears holding a giraffe, which would be an object of decoration, since there are no children.

We comment on the post, the followers of the artist will not let go or because only the group does not have a baby. “It’s just missing you, hein”, jumped a friend. Aline Becker, woman of the actor Rafael Zulu and mother of Kalu, ainda chamou or presenter of “titio João”, affectionately. “Vai dozer um cuando, João?”, asked a follower.

Confirm or post:

Além disso, there will be no lack of humorous proposals from “candidates” to become the newest actor for the group. “João, if you want to, have a volunteer here”, said a follower. “Is that giraffe? If we want to, we can make a baby”, propôs outra.

Affair with Juliette

Recently, the actor was listed as an affair of the singer and ex-BBB Juliette Freire. This is because the BBB21 champion left a small meeting at the house of Caetano Veloso, idol of MPB, accompanied by a global hunk.

Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 1


Juliette would be stuck in a carona with João. Curiosity is that while the tor lives in São Conrado, Juliette has a house in a condominium at the end of Barra da Tijuca. A distance of about 14 km between one town and another.

João Vicente seems to have a “date” for ex-BBBs. While the reality show was not on, he assumed that he was delighted with Sarah Andrade. When the Brazilian confessed that he voted for Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for president, he affirmed that his interest had ended. Between the months of July and August of this year, he also lives an affair with Rafa Kalimann.

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