Sao Paulo

comedian and influencer Tokyo, 28, told his followers that he was scared when he was the victim of an armed robbery. In a video, shared on his Instagram, he shows the moment he was approached and decided to flee.

“I know I was wrong to react, in the fright when I saw that gun pointed at my face, my reaction was to turn and run. Don’t repeat that kind of reaction, thank God they didn’t shoot and didn’t take anything. fright,” he wrote, adding that he was fine.

In his Stories, he reinforced the dangers of reacting to an assault and said that his attitude was wrong. “Don’t react. That was my body. You know when it gives that tic, like: I’m in front of my building, so I’ll be able to get in quickly, because I was in front of the gate. Thank God the worst didn’t happen.”

He also vented about being the target of criticism from voters in Jair Bolsonaro (PL), defeated in the elections for president by Luis Inacio Lula da silva (PT). “And to the jokers on duty who are saying ‘hey, do the L’, I’ll do the L no problem at all.”

“Assault is not new, understand? And your president you are talking about is still in the presidency! This is human nature, this is not about the president. And the most important thing is that I’m fine”, he added. , which finally reinforced once again the importance of not reacting.

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