Gustavo Mioto was a special guest of the podcast Pod Delas, featured by influential people Bruna Unzueta and Tata Estaniecki, in the second fair (11/21). During the interview, the singer turned to criticize the attitudes of sertanejo Fernando Zor after an episode of disrespect against the singer marisa in the social networks.

Everything starts when or after Maiara He released the controversial “list of the ideal woman”. On occasion, Maraisa calls him disrespectful and demeaning with his own “list of the ideal lover”. The ex-in-law, then, finally became bachelor of the brunette and said that she would just be an “imaginary lover”.

“I bought a briga from Maraisa. I was stressed, and I took a position in favor of Maraisa. A person responded to it rudely, and I didn’t agree to go to the top just because… I don’t know why”, said the sertanejo. At the time, when it came to Zor’s comment, Gustavo affirmed that “imaginary lover” gives a serious friend a lucky face.

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Finally, the singer reinforced that there is no rivalry against Maiara’s ex, but he does not regret having defended Maraisa and Faria again. “Morreu there. Achei que fue grosseiro, no precisava desa ruse, de graça. But if I had the opportunity a thousand times to take a position at that moment, I would take the side of it ”, he completed.

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