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the journalist Felipe Andreoli, 42used his Instagram to calm fans and followers about the state of health of his wife, the presenter Rafa Brites, 36🇧🇷 She underwent gallbladder removal surgery this Tuesday morning (22).

Andreoli, who is covering the World Cup in Qatar, shared a photo taken during a video call he made with his wife. “The best result of today at the World Cup was this one! Rafa’s operations went very well and I was able to talk to her”, celebrated the communicator.

“They were simple operations, but when you have to go to the hospital and have general anesthesia, we always want, at the very least, to be around, to give all the love and support afterwards. But the family is there for that!”, he added. him, thanking him for the affection he has received.

He also added that Rafa “is already great, much better than Messi”. The joke comes after Argentina lost its opening game against Saudi Arabia, which turned the game around by keeping the score 2-1 against the South American team.

In the comments, fans wished Brites well. “I’m glad she’s fine for you to have peace of mind,” said one. “Excellent news, my dear! Health and peace to the family,” added a second.

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