If there is one “enemy” against which no one can emerge victorious, it is time. Indeed, everyone undergoes it and cannot escape it. In fact, the more the years pass, the more our body will find it increasingly difficult to fight the diseases that beset us. It is not Eddy Mitchell who will say the opposite, he who, at 80, must pay more and more attention to his health as his doctors have asked him to.

Indeed, the interpreter of On the road to Memphis confessed to our colleagues of World that its “doctors” the “harass”. “Yesterday I was at the Necker hospital for exams, tomorrow I will be at the American hospital. I have to be careful”acknowledged Johnny Hallyday’s friend before revealing that he had to follow a “drastic diet”. A diet that concerns its excesses, but not food. “No more than ten cigarettes a day. It’s boring but I have no choice”he lamented.

Forced to hold on to keep on living

Eddy Mitchell has never quit and probably never will. On the other hand, if there is a substance that he immediately sent to oblivion, it is cocaine. “Old history. I only took it to do things I didn’t want to do, like this two hundred date tour (in 1976, editor’s note) which was to be used to pay divorce arrears. I don’t I’ve never had a habit”, he assures. An excellent choice when you know that Johnny Hallyday did not always have this strength as the 80-year-old artist regretted in the columns of the Parisian.

“I regret that he screwed up his life a bit, that he didn’t listen to relatives like me to calm down. When he took disturbing things, I told him to calm down. But he didn’t listen to me. no. He never listened to anyone… He was getting so high.”he had regretted…

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