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For the second night in a row, the actress Deborah Secco, 42, dared in her outfit to comment on the World Cup games on the SporTV program Tá na Copa. After appearing in a cropped top and panties, this Monday (21) she wore a T-shirt from the channel and boots to show off her legs.

The boldness in the way she dresses to appear on TV has brought a certain headache to the actress, who is now starting to see reactions not only from the public, but from people from Globo itself. The reporter Flávia Jannuzzi was one that detonated Secco.

In a post on Instagram, the journalist made her criticisms. “For what?”, she began when reposting the photo of Deborah’s look at the premiere. Other criticisms were made to followers in the comments of the publication.

“Let’s cut the blouse to distract the guys, right? Just Jesus. Sensualization to comment on football does not empower any woman. They can massacre me here. I found it wow!”, added the professional.

Negative criticism of Deborah’s choices had already started on Monday from many people on social media. Therefore, some artists and celebrities have come out in defense of the actress.

“We are watching the World Cup in a country like Qatar, rooting for a player who supported a misogynistic, racist and homophobic guy, and the question is Deborah’s clothes? Because I think it’s great”, posted actress Maria Ribeiro referring to Neymar supporting Bolsonaro.

“Too wonderful”, wrote Sabrina Sato. “Long live the freedom to be who you are! You’re beautiful, Deborah”, wrote actress Fabiula Nascimento. Gabriela Prioli also wished for strength. “Holy shit. In 2022 and people, mostly women, going to another woman’s profile to utter offenses”, she published.

Deborah Secco shared some of these publications and even put a song on the soundtrack whose excerpt could be seen as a response. “Be happy without root”. On Twitter, she wrote: “Being who I want to be.”

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