camila homs is going through a difficult time. Not only that I would not travel to the World Cup in Qatar 2022 but she was not very happy to learn that the popo singer and girlfriend of her ex-husband, is part of the group of women in the selection

According to what was broadcast on the program A la Tarde por América, Antonella Roccuzzo “would be responsible for adding in the group that the women of the selection have to communicate by WhatsApp”.

The Rosario, Antonela Roccuzzo, as if she were the captain of the women’s team, would have added Tini and as usually happens in these cases, Camila Homs would not have liked him very much.

In addition, the panelist of A la tarde, Diego Esteves commented: “What they tell me is that the situation today between Tini and de Paul is unbeatable. It is unbeatable. Today they are very good. And what happened a week ago at the recital of Tiny in Rosario? The whole Messi family went to see Tini Stoessel and That marks a thermometer in Tini’s relationship with Paul”.

camila homs She is very sensitive as happens in any separation and the incorporation of Tini to the group of women of the national team does not seem to generate joy for her.

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