Nothing is going well between Ayem Nour and Vincent Miclet! Separated since the end of 2016, the host and the wealthy businessman have been arguing for some time, the custody of Ayvin, their six-year-old son. If Ayem Nour legally obtained custody of the little boy in France, she had agreed to multiply the round trips to Morocco so that he could spend time with his father.

On November 15, everything changed when Vincent Miclet allegedly refused to hand over the little boy’s passport to Ayem Nour, thus forcing her to remain in Moroccan territory with her son. If the two blame each other and blame each other for many things unsaid since their breakup. Ayem Nour thus evoked a personal revenge from his ex who would never have supported their separation. The young mother thus spoke of harassment, threats, intimidation before evoking her desire for suicide.

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Ayem Nour once again came out of silence on Instagram to share a disturbing photo. We see the pretty brunette raising her hair to reveal a wound in her neck and we learn thanks to the legend that this shot was taken in 2016, when she was still in a relationship with Vincent Miclet. “2016, now I’m going to tell you the whole truth” writes the former host of the NRJ12 channel.


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